Athleisure – Why We Love It

Let’s face it:  fashion should work harder for us.  We work hard every day:  long hours at the office, at home, helping others.  Why should we have to  change our looks for each of these?  Why don’t our clothes have to work as hard as we do?  Well, thank you, Athleisure Gods:  Now they do!

I mean, who doesn’t want to be comfortable, fashionable and make their fashion budget work twice as hard?  That’s just what these looks do:  dress them up, they’re office appropriate, dress them down, they’re for errand running, vacations, you name it!  Here are a few looks we LOVE right now.


Nike SweatshirtSo, this look for the office is EVERYTHING.  Layering the sweatshirt with a black legging and a great heel/bag, why not wear this to the office?  It’s polished and pulled together.  and if you want to add a punch of color, you can always add change out the bag or glasses for spring. Let’s face it, spring is coming, but it’s still plenty chilly out to wear this for at least another month or so.

Nike dress


This dress is for errands, for playing with the kids..heck, I just picked up the sleeveless version in blue for a swimsuit cover.  I’m pretty sure I could add heels to this and a cropped jacket for work as well, just watch.  It’s going to be fabulous!



So, some of these might not be ready for the office as shown in the photo above, but those pink bottoms with a more structured jacket would be great.  Or, put a denim jacket over the black outfit in the center and you’ve got a great outfit to go out in.


Such a perfect outfit for just about anything.  work, dinner, shopping….I would wear this every.  single.  day.  Probably with a black heel, but you could throw a sneaker with it too!


Again – it’s the perfect waterpark coverup.  Which is critical when you are on vacation in “The Waterpark Capital Of The World!”  Also, this is terrific for a farmer’s market, bike ride with the kiddos, you name it.  The color is so great for spring, it just makes me happy.


Journey’s for the sneakers, Express or Levi’s for the jeans…I think you know where to get the shirt.  Lids for the hat, of course!  Again, throw a structured jacket, like a great leather biker or moto jacket, and you can head to work!  Change it out to a satin baseball jacket and you’re ready to go out!  The possibilities are endless.


So, this look is working the transparency trend as well:  I’m not sure I’ve got the courage to wear it to work…but I’d give it a shot!


These tights are EVERYWHERE right now.  I like the Under Armour ones the best; they just seem to hold up to my hap-hazard laundry skills (or those of my independant boys who sometimes “help” with the laudry to surpirse me), but they can be found at Adidas, Nike and New Balance too!



For me, this look is yoga and errands and family time…maybe not for the office.  But for me, that’s still getting plenty of value out of my clothes!

So the moral of the story:  athleisure is more than a trend for lots of reasons. But primarily because it’s just too great to be comfortable, really comfortable, at work!  So be brave, mix it up and see the compliments you get!

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